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Kidera Takeshi was the head of the Kidera clan in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Takeshi really want lived according to the “old ways.”[1] He was always be an ally of Funada clan.[2] Outside his family's duties his only hobby were only his garden and his meditation.[3]


In 1322 DR during a minor skirmish the young Takeshi was saved by the heroic Ueda Umaki, that always remembered that act. In 1357 DR Umaki's son Ueda Teishi, a supported of Goshukara clan, was framed and in verge to being exiled from Nakamaru. Before went exile Teishi want revenge against those he believed framed him, especially Tsuga Mosuke, a strong supporter of Funada Toyoo. Teishi asked the help of Takeshi in memory of his father[3]


Takeshi always showed a great dignity. He was an harsh and authoritarian man with absolute control over his family. Takeshi always used great formality and proper etiquette to conduct affairs.[1] He must supported Funada Mitsuhide but in his heart he considered his true lord Funada Toyoo[2] Currently Takeshi was torn between his loyalty to Funada and his need to fulfill the debt he owed Teishi. He only saw one course: help Teishi and after submit him and the young to his lord's judgement[3]



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