Killoren were a relatively new and uncommon race of fey. It was unknown whether they were created by a deity or were spontaneously created by nature itself.[1]


Killoren had no kingdoms of their own and lived in scattered settlements. Killoren could live in nearly any climate and their dwellings blended into the surrounding natural world. They had no concept of land ownership, rather they believed that land belonged to nature itself. Killoren communities were usually governed by a council of druids or wizards.[1]


Killoren had the ability to manifest one of three aspects of nature: The Ancient, The Destroyer, or The Hunter. They could change their aspect daily if they chose. When manifesting the aspect of The Ancient, a Killoren gained knowledge of the natural world. The aspect of the Destroyer allowed a Killoren to do more damage to an opponent. The aspect of The Hunter sharpened a Killoren's senses.

Killoren were sensitive to cold iron and were at a disadvantage when wielding cold iron weapons. Like other fey, Killoren were immune to charm or hold creature spells and were also immune to sleep spells.[1]


Killoren resembled half-elves and were typically slightly smaller than humans, with 5 1/2 feet (1.7 meters) their typical height. They had long, thin limbs and usually weighed only 100 pounds (45 kilograms). Killoren had green or tan skin that had the texture of a green leaf. A Killoren's hair and eye color changed with their mood and the aspect of nature they currently manifested.[1]

Notable KillorenEdit

Vaasurri was a killoren who lived in the Spur Forest and adventured in 1479 DR.[2]



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