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Kimmuriel Oblodra
Basic Information
Home Menzoberranzan, Northdark[1]
Gender Male
Race Drow
Rules Information
Class Psionicist

Kimmuriel Oblodra was a powerful psionicist of Menzoberranzan and the last known survivor of House Oblodra.[1] He often served as the de facto leader of Bregan D'aerthe while Jarlaxle romped around the surface world.[2] [3]


In stark contrast to other members of his family, Kimmuriel was unemotional, usually stony-faced and very difficult to get even the slightest of smiles out of, much less a laugh.[4] His humor was very dry but often superbly clever. Kimmuriel revealingly said of himself, "Little of what I do or say is opinion." [citation needed]

Originally, Kimmuriel's stance was that he would much rather improve his psionic powers or study illithids than look after Bregan D'aerthe. As such, whenever he got the chance, he tried to persuade Jarlaxle to come back to Menzoberranzan so that he could get back to his own work.[2] Still, he recognized that Bregan D'aerthe would not survive for long if he did not run it the way it was intended. After nearly a century, Kimmuriel remained in power and in fact charged his former master for the group's services when Jarlaxle called upon them for aid.[5]


Jarlaxle rescued Kimmuriel from certain death when House Oblodra was destroyed by House Baenre ca. 1358 DR.[1] Kimmuriel quickly became one of Jarlaxle's lieutenants, along with Rai-guy Bondalek, with whom he shared a relationship that could almost be termed a friendship.[2] When Rai-guy turned against Jarlaxle in 1366 DR, he was killed and Kimmuriel became Jarlaxle's second-in-command, essentially becoming the de facto leader of Bregan D'aerthe while Jarlaxle ran around with Artemis Entreri on the surface.[2]

By 1376 DR, after Jarlaxle returned from the Bloodstone Lands, Kimmuriel was still his second and was frequently the public face of dealings with the mercenary band while Jarlaxle ran off adventuring on the surface with Athrogate and others.[6] Kimmuriel was, however, given the power to overrule Jarlaxle if he felt his master's involvement in matters of the surface world threatened the organization as a whole.[7]

By 1463 DR, Kimmuriel was understood to be the main leader of Bregan D'aerthe.[8] In 1468 DR, Kimmuriel was serving as a liaison between Bregan D'aerthe, the illithids, and Draygo Quick in return for Quick's forgiveness for the band's assault (organized by Jarlaxle) on his home.[9]


Artemis EntreriEdit

Artemis Entreri and Kimmuriel detested each other.[2]



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