Kisha Yunoko was the concubine of the emperor of Wa around 1357 DR.[1]


Yunoko was the adopted daughter of daimyo Matasuuri Ieysuna and granddaughter of the shogun. She was trained as geisha starting from when she took her first step. In 1354 DR Yunoko was invited by the shogun at the Imperial Palace and quickly the emperor fall for her. Yunoko became one of the emperor's geisha and later his concubine, always reporting emperors's words she listened to the shogun. Secretly Yunoko started a relationship with Tekinjo Yojairo, the military governor in residence at the palace.[1]


Yunoko was a delicate and gentle girl. She want leave the emperor but fear the ire of her grandfather. at first she enjoyed the luxury life in the Imperial Palace but recently feel guilty to betray the emperor's trust. She greatly fear also if someone discovered her love story with Yojairo. Now she was disperate to find any kind of choice to exit from this situation.[1]



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