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The "kittenlord" was a werecat boy and the heir to the Catlord in the mid–14th century DR.[1] [note 1]


Sensing his end was near and great change coming to the Realms, the existing Catlord decided to choose an heir, one who would some day become a new catlord. He decided that this new catlord must prowl beside cats in the towns and cities, not in the jungles as he once did. Thus, he chose an apparently respectable human to teach his heir the ways of civilization, and gave the boy over to him. Unfortunately, unfamiliar with the ways of civilization and mistaking it for respectability, the Catlord had chosen the cruel and ruthless Pasha Abon Duum of Manshaka.[1]

Soon learning of Duum's wicked intentions for the boy, the Catlord tried to rescue the boy. But Duum had made a deal with the god Malar, the Beastlord, who pounced upon the Catlord as he fled. It was a battle the Catlord could not win. Then the rogue Conner appeared, claiming a mission from a god to protect the child. The Catlord agreed, and bought time for Conner to carry the child away. The Catlord and Malar battled for three days and three nights, before he escaped, and it was a year before his wounds even healed. The scars would not.[1]

Dire wolves ADD comic

Conner fends off a pack of hungry dire wolves, defending the kittenlord.

In the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, the boy and Conner were traveling on a moor a full day's march from the nearest settlement when fog swept in and they were beset by dire wolves. As Conner feared the end, a shaft of moonlight transported them to Waterdeep, outside the Selûne's Smile tavern, where they were greeted by the proprietress, Luna.[2] Luna put the young kittenlord to bed, but he was still afraid of the wolves, so she told him a bedtime story, the Song of Selûne.[3]



  1. The boy is unnamed throughout the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons comic series, but is ultimately referred to by Vajra Valmeyjar as the "kittenlord", after the Catlord. This article adopts this name as a title for ease of reference.


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