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Kixitiloc was an adventurer in Maztica.[1]


Kixitiloc lived in a small Payit village that was destroyed during a battle against another village. Kixitiloc was taken as a slave.

In 1361 DR, he arrived in Ulatos the same day as Cordell's forces arrived. He soon became a slave of the Golden Legion. Being a troublemaker, however, he was sold many times until he arrived in Lord Drakosa's plantation. He hoped to improve himself to attain a better life.[1]


Kixitiloc was a taciturn man with a bad temperament. He desperately wanted to be free but at heart he dreamed of becoming a master with his own land and slaves.[1]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Kixitiloc is a pre-generated Maztican PC for use in adventures in Maztica.


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