Klonalogh Umesker was an inhabitant of the town of Mossbridges in the Vast around 1370 DR.

Klonalogh was the foreman of a corps of engineers and stonemasons paid by the civic authorities of both Ravens Bluff and Tantras to maintain the massive multi-span bridge over the Fire River in Mossbridges. They could never be persuaded to risk or sabotage the bridge.

However, they were corrupt in other areas. For a hefty bribe, they would conceal bodies, treasure, and telltale items in the bridge pilings, where they might remain for a good long time. Klonalogh was head of this operation too.

The foreman's office could be found three doors north of The Blushing Gynosphinx, past two rooming houses, on the east side of the road.[1]


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