A klurichir is a variant of guardian tanar'ri, one of the most powerful and respected demons of the Abyss. It is said that even a mighty balor will give a klurichir a wide berth. They often serve and act as a right hand to a demon lord, usually as generals just as balor are. They are incredibly strong, and are very aware of this. The act of summoning one of these creatures requires either great strength or boundless foolishness.


A klurichir stands 30 feet tall. Its broadly muscled body is covered in skin of the blackened color normally associated with a corpse that dies due to extreme cold. Monstrous, red batlike wings flare from its back, and its four arms constantly twitch and flex as if seeking fresh prey to crush and destroy. Its face resembles a cross between a mule and a snarling orc, and spines cover its face, neck, and upper shoulders.[1]

The creature’s most hideous feature is located in the middle of its abdomen: a large, gaping mouth filled with a slobbering tongue and rows of blunt, powerful, grinding teeth. Just above this obscene maw sits a pair of massive, sharp pincers the size of large scythe blades. At rest, the pincers slowly open and close, while the mouth rests partially open, a slow trickle of drool leaking from its slack lips. In battle, the pincers twitch and snap in time with the klurichir's movements, while the drooling mouth in the creature’s abdomen slavers, smacks, and occasionally howls.


Klurichir are proficient in nearly every form of combat. While utilized in conjunction with balor for their profound tactical thinking, they are also dually prow warriors and adept mages. They are capable of wielding weapons, though their claws and fangs work well enough as inherent tools. These bestial menaces can lay waste to armies single-handedly. Only the most powerful of individuals should ever even consider fighting a klurichir, though it is never wise.





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