Knellict the archmage of the Citadel of Assassins.


Knellict is of great, but unknown age, generally assumed to be in his second or third century. Before the first Zhengyi driven war between Vaasa and Damara, Knellict was an advisor to the king of Vaasa. The king feared Knellict's power and tried to have him assassinated. After the attempt on his life, Knellect left the service to the king of Vaasa and joined the Citadel of Assassins which quickly came under the sway of Zhengyi. During this time Knellict became the principle advisor to Zhengyi, himself.

After Zhengyi's fall at the hands of Gareth Dragonsbane and party, Knellict remained with the Citadel of Assassins, second only to Timoshenko. In some ways Knellict is the real power within the Citadel since Timoshenko generally follows all of Knellict's advice, such as forming ties to the thieves guild Tightpurse in Heliogabalus, and since Knellict has free reign to do as he pleases.

In 1372 DR, the Citadel of Assassins was once again brought under the influence of another power. This time it was the mercenary band, Bregan D'aerthe from Menzoberranzan. With minimal effort Jarlaxle and the powerful psionicist, Kimmuriel Oblodra, subdued Knellict and persuaded him to swear loyalty to Bregan D'aerthe. Quietly raging inside, Knellict agreed to Jarlaxle's demands...for now.


Usually brooding, quiet, and emotionless, Knellict, has been known to fits of rage where he polymorphs people into creatures such as cockroaches or mice.


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