A knight commander is a specific variety of warlord that has learned to command by example and forceful authority and who specialize in the use of heavy armor. Like battle captains, knight commanders tend to lead from the front, protected by their cuirass and shield. Many knight commanders are, as the name implies, sworn to honor and chivalry, though they are not required to be knights.[1]


Bold and charismatic, knight commanders are an inspiration to behold, leading through natural ability and sworn dedication to honorable behavior that can be good for the morale of those following them. Even the most inexperienced knight commanders can inspire those fighting alongside them to competence and through their courage and valiant actions, knight commanders can literally enhance the effectiveness of their allies’ self-defense. More experienced knight commanders are still more effective, learning to, through their reassuring presence and encouraging words, increase the deadliness of blows dealt to disadvantaged foes.[2]

While much of a knight commander’s training focuses on increasing the morale of allies, the exploits learned by those of the path tends to focus more on lowering the confidence of enemies. Break the nerve, an exploit learned fairly early on, uses a knight commander’s resolution as a weapon against foes, causing them to doubt their own moves. Similarly, control the field combines this methodology with an actual attack by the knight commander, expanding the number of foes affected to all within a moderate distance.[2]


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