Knight of the Flying Hunt is a prestige class of Faerûn whose members act as the defenders of Nimbral. While protecting Nimbral, these noble soldiers answer to the mysterious Nimbral Lords.[1] They dedicate themselves to the inhabitants of Nimbral while enforcing the lands local laws.[2]

Most knights are humans who were previously fighters or rangers. A few clerics and paladins manage to the join the ranks of the Flying Hunt, but they are extremely uncommon because of the religious overtones.[1]


Flying Mount, Storm and Greater Storm Armor
At various times throughout their career, knights of the Flying hunt recieve progressively more powerful suits of armor. This begins with Flying Hunt armor[1] when joining their ranks, Storm armor and Greater Storm armor for the most experienced knights.[2]
Pegasus Mount
All knights receive a trained pegasus to serve them in their duties. It remains with its rider until it has been slain or dismissed.[2]
Armored Ease
Knights are trained in the skill of moving easily in their rather cumbersome armor.[2]
Knights of the Flying Hunt Banner

The banner of the Knights of the Flying Hunt

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