The Knights of Myth Drannor adventuring company came to prominence as the rulers of Shadowdale with their successful defiance of Zhentil Keep. They were also instrumental in the defeat of Lashan of Scardale.[1]


The Knights began in Espar as a nameless band of youths who had grown up together. One of their number, Florin Falconhand, rescued Azoun of Cormyr from an assassination attempt. In gratitude, Azoun granted a charter to them allowing them to bear arms. This royal assent included a strong recommendation that the party explore and clean out the Haunted Halls, a bandit hold north of the village of Eveningstar.[1]

As with almost any beginning group, the Knights had within their ranks members who were uncooperative and attempted to slay or steal from their fellows. Two such Knights, fighters Agannor Wildsilver and Bey Freemantle, met with swift and brutal ends. During their adventures, the party discovered a curious feature common to many ancient ruins in the Realms: permanent gates linking distant locations to each other. One such gate took them to the city of Waterdeep, where they met with Khelben Arunsun. Recognizing a golden opportunity to cause the Zhentarim a setback, he gave Florin Falconhand the pendant and the title of Lord of Shadowdale to claim if he could.[1]

The party traversed the Stonelands to Shadowdale, where they took possession of the monster-infested Tower of Ashaba. It would take them time, but when they finally secured the tower, they discovered enough treasure to rebuild the Tower and discover its chilling secret—the Tower was built not by human hands but those of the drow, to guard the entrances to the Underdark. Florin declined the lordship of Shadowdale and Doust Sulwood was chosen from within the ranks of the Knights. The Knights would find themselves in various battles with Zhentil Keep, local giants, a beholder allied with the Zhentarim, and The Hand. Zhentil Keep also sent an army against the dale to support a false claim on the lordship from Lyran Nanther of Melvaunt. The Knights prevailed with the help of the militia, the elves, and Harpers against ten times their number. The Knights made a lightning attack on Voonlar, a village up the road, where they razed and plundered the temple of Bane, taking 400 prisoners, including drow and Zhentarim. The Knights led a second successful attack on the drow in the caverns below the dale.[1]

While the Knights were recovering from their venture, Lashan of Scardale started invading the surrounding dales, conquering Harrowdale and Featherdale, followed by Battledale and Tasseldale, and also attacking Mistledale, before anyone could mobilize their forces. Cormyr annexed Tilverton and Sembia and rushed its forces north to protect Deepingdale to prevent Lashan from turning south. Shadowdale, the elves, the Harpers, and the druidic circles rushed to help bolster Mistledale, and they held Lashan back. Lashan's empire crumbled as he was attacked from all sides. The departing elves invited the Knights to enter Myth Drannor. Upon the departure of Aumark Lithyl to take the throne of Ruathym, Khelben sent a young Waterdhavian cavalier, Mourngrym Amcathra, to replace him. When Doust relinquished his title, Mourngrym was named Lord of Shadowdale.[1]

While in Myth Drannor, the Knights found a deck of many things and Doust amazingly survived the drawing of a death card. Soon after Mielikki appeared to Florin, commanding him to marry Dove Falconhand. In the spring of 1357 DR, the adventurers left to explore the Realms, leaving the defense of Shadowdale to Mourngrym, Elminster, and their army. They spent most the following year exploring the northern Sword Coast, the western edge of Anauroch, Westgate, and Cormyr. Along the way, they met with Alustriel of Silverymoon, the wandering Simbul of Aglarond, and lost Jelde and then Doust and Islif to retirement.[1]

Instead of returning to Shadowdale, the Knights made their way to Myth Drannor, hoping to establish it as their own stronghold. To their surprise, they found hordes of devils infesting the ruins. The party retired to Essembra and there welcomed Rathan Thentraver of Tymora and Torm into their ranks. There they formally declared themselves the Knights of Myth Drannor. Having renounced their official positions in Shadowdale, they remained "lords" and "ladies" of the dale, respected by all the Dalesfolk.[1]

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The name for the Knights of Myth Drannor came from a party created by players of Ed Greenwood's home campaign.[2]

At the end of the video game, Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor, the surviving heroes are introduced into the Knights of Myth Drannor.


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