The Knights of the Black Gauntlet were a group of over 7000 banite crusaders who kept their faith, even after Bane's death at the hands of Torm during the Time of Troubles.[citation needed]

The Knights were led by Teldorn Darkhope, a mad priest of Bane who led the group of warriors and helmed horrors. Followers of Iachtu Xvim were also accepted within the ranks. In 1369 DR the Knights invaded and conquered the city of Mintar. Teldorn fostered a strong alliance with the Zhentarim. With their assistance, Teldorn hoped to spread the word of Bane by conquering the Lake of Steam region after first retrieving the magical items that he hoped to find underneath Kzelter. Apart from Kzelter, commands were awaited from Fzoul Chembryl for the go-ahead to invade other nearby places.[citation needed]