Ko Ho San was a powerful wu jen in 1358 DR.[1]


Ko Ho San was a member of the mercantile Ko clan and a powerful wu jen. He was said to have once buried an entire town in a mudslide for an offense by the mayor's son to a Ko grandniece.

In 1358 DR, after one of his brothers, Ko Lei Kho, governor of Akari island, told him about the menace of the Opawang defeated the year before, he started to investigate the Black Leopard Cult, together with his grandson Ko La Ko. Thanks to a suggestion from La Ko, Ho San found a link to H'sin-to, at the mouth of the Fenghsintzu River in T'u Lung. So he hired some adventurers to accompany Ko La Ko to there in order to investigate.[1]


Ko Ho San was kindly and polite to a fault, unless people crossed his path.[1]



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