Kogi was a Winter Sect monk in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Kogi was a good instructor at the monastery. Often he secretly went out with his friend Bupposo.[1]


Kogi and his friend Bupposo elaborated a good prank against Tsuyoi-no-kami monks: they payed Ichi the Korobokuru yakuza to find a girl that can seduce the rival monks. So the young maiden O-Shino, acting under the orders of monks temped Anchin and Kaian[2]


Kogi like his instructor's task. Kogi was easy guy, friendly to all who meet him. He known that his irresistible taste for mischief failed him as monk and lamented that it will keep him from reaching spiritual perfection but also made life more interesting. He not care for his spirit heritage[1]



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