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The Korinn Archipelago was a chain of islands at the northernmost region of the Moonshae Isles and home primarily to humanoids such as orcs and goblins. Travel amongst the islets of the area wasn't easy due to rough water and reefs.[citation needed]

Notable LocationsEdit


The largest and most populous of the islands. As of 1479 DR the isle was ruled by a disguised devil known as Roquern. He enslaved creatures and forced them to work on his spice plantations.[1]


One of the northernmost isles, Pandira was best known as a haven for pirates.[1]



The Korinn Archipelago was a region featured in the D&D module Treasure Hunt. What made this module unique from most others was that the characters started at zeroth level. Special game rules were developed to reflect this transition from ordinary folks into heroes. Unlike other Forgotten Realms modules, this one did not bear the Forgotten Realms logo, having preceded the release of the original campaign setting.


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