King Kortal of the House of Ithal-Strohm-Bormul[1] was the third king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.[2]


Kortal was the second son of King Nearel.[2]


Kortal was born in 968 DR and took the throne in 997 DR, the Year of the Fearful Harper.[2] After the deaths of the families of former Bormul King Teremir's two oldest sons, who died during reign of his father Nearel, Kortal was left to deal with the remaining daughter of Teremil and her descendants as challengers to his throne.[1] He succeeded at slaying her entire family,[2] with the exception of her grandson[2] Teremir II.[1]

King Kortal died in 1022 DR and was followed in line by his cousin Haedrak.[2]



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