Kortolt Rushtyn was a priest of Ilmater from the city of Mussum in the Vilhon Reach, who preached near Hlondeth in the early 1340s DR.[1]


Kortolt Rushtyn was a young underpriest at the House of Holy Suffering in Mussum, circa 1342 DR, when he received visions from the god Ilmater directing him to the hidden Tome of Torment, the most holy book of the faith. However, rather than take it back to Mussum or its traditional home of the House of the Broken God in Keltar, Kortolt took it to Raven's Rack, an isolated shrine to the god west of Hlondeth, on Tanarspear Hill. Here, Kortolt made use of the Tome to aid both believers and non-believers, and to preach about Ilmater. The people of Hlondeth came to see Kortolt as a gift from the gods, one who kept them safe and well when they were sick or injured.

However, in winter of the Year of the Boot, 1343 DR, Kortolt was killed by bandits. They attempted to sell the Tome in Hlondeth, only to be killed themselves by a mob angry at the death of the much-loved priest. The people presented the Tome to the Graycloak's Wolves adventuring company, to take to Master Sufferer Olbedan in Aralent.[1]


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