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Koryo was a language spoken by the Koryoan people, inhabitants of the kingdom of Koryo in Kara-Tur.[1][2][4]

Koryo descended from the ancient Han language, as did Kozakuran and Wa-an, and possibly others. Its vocabulary comprised many words evolved from the old Han tongue, as well as loanwords from Wa-an and Kao te Shou that had been borrowed over centuries. Koryo's vocabulary was very different to that of Kozakuran, but its grammar was very similar. Koryo sounded more like Wa-an than Kao te Shou, but it was as simple to use as Shou.[1][2]

Thus most folk of Shou Lung, Wa, and even Kozakura found the Koryo language relatively easy to pick up, and most Koryoans in turn found Kao te Shou, Wa-an, and Kozakuran easy to learn as well.[2] Thus it was easy to find Koryoan translators for many languages, though few learned Kozakuran, owing to enmity between the peoples.[1] The basics of Koryo could be taught in four to six weeks, and fluency could be acquired in three months if one was dedicated.[1]



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