Kotaro Taro was a kensai adventurer in Kozakura in the 1350s DR.[1]


Taro was born to the Kotaro clan as a first son and scion. From his early years, he trained to wield the chijiriki. He occasionally clashed with local dam-builders when he thought that their actions would greatly weaken the power of his family.

In 1355 DR, a drought put his family in danger. They were saved only thanks to Ko Mei Kho.[1]

In 1357 DR, Taro was among the candidates considered by Ko for a mission in Akari.[1]

In 1358, thanks to the Ko clan, his land was saved. Being the eldest son, Kotaro was expected to work off the debt his family owed the Ko clan. Taro sought to use this opportunity to one day travel to the mainland of Kara-Tur to see the great rivers there. Here, he may have been approached by Ko Ho San.[2]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Kotaro Taro is a pregenerated PC for use in adventures in Akari. He was presented again and upgraded for an adventure in T'u Lung.


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