Koyisqatapi was the Azuposi ruler in the Pasocada Basin in Maztica.


In 1359 DR, Koyisqatabi was elected as the new Gilded Priest and like all his predecessors he went to Dunobo Springs and ventured onto the Sun Trail in order to meet Masauwu and have his blessing. However, he was attacked by a farastu and escaped, believing himself to have lost the protection of Masauwu.[1]

He tried many times to walk the Sun Trail again but always encountered the farastu. At last, in 1362 DR, thanks to the actions of Yenisha, Koyisqatapi asked for the help of Sozarro's expedition.[1]

With the adventurers' help, he managed to defeat the gehreleth and finally met his god in the Beastlands. However, Masauwu was greatly enraged by Koyisqatapi's laziness, complacency, and dependence on gods, and ordered him to learn from the adventurers how to be audacious.[2]


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