Kresselack the black wolf was a Barbarian King who conquered a vast kingdom during his youth. He described himself after his death as evil itself.

As a young man, I was a conqueror. I ravaged the lands and brought all those who opposed me under my rule. I built a kingdom upon the corpses of my enemies and I revelled in the glories of war.

Spirit of Kresselack, 1281 DR, the Vale of Shadows [1]

It is said Kresselack’s hands were as blood, his footsteps like that of a winter wolf in the snows, and his troops struck like arrows into the hearts of towns and hamlets across the Spine of the World. Where his name was spoken, it was a curse, and it was with great relief to the people that dared live in the Spine the day he gave up his spirit. It is said the wind howled the day that Kresselack’s blade fell from his hands and his corpse was placed within the Vale’s keeping.

Everard, 1281 DR[2]

Once he grew old and realized that he would die and be dead forever, he knew fear for the first time of his life.

I thought of my kingdom and all that I had fought to create, but it was meaningless to me. A kingdom lasts a lifetime, but death lasts an eternity.

Spirit of Kresselack, 1281 DR, the Vale of Shadows [1]

He tried to earn a place at the side of the lord of the dead Myrkul by constructing a special tomb in The Vale of Shadows in Icewind Dale and sacrificing himself, but instead he became cursed to haunt his tomb for eternity. The tomb was guarded by his most loyal followers whom he had sacrificed and a servant of Myrkul (his Sending) who had been raised from the dead.[1]


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