Kujawa was an Imaskari human artificer and later emperor of Anok-Imaskar, reigning from −2487 DR to −1943 DR.[1][2]


Kujawa carried one of the False Imaskarcana, namely Dhonas's Shroud.[1]


The western Imaskar Empire collapsed in −2488 DR, but the eastern provinces of Khati and Katakoro emerged relatively unscathed. Thus, within a year, Kujawa claimed the Dragon Throne in the Khati city of Thakos, the former capital of Upper Imaskar. With that, he declared himself Emperor and founded a new realm, Anok-Imaskar.[1]

Anok-Imaskar was prosperous and quickly spread east, north, and south. Eventually, circa −2300 DR, Kujawa decided to found a second capital city to better govern the new southern lands his nation had claimed. The new capital was called Tempat Larang.[2]

Unfortunately, the nearby volcano Mount Bakos erupted in −2113 DR, covering Tempat Larang in ash and lava, and the city had to be evacuated. Over the following decades, the empire's southwestern lands were also abandoned.[2]

Kujawa repeated the history of his former peers in Imaskar when he died fighting the immortal Nung Chiang, in the form of a t'ien lung dragon.[note 1] in −1943 DR. His death caused the empire to collapse.[2][note 2]



  1. The Grand History of the Realms says Kujawa died in combat with "the celestial dragon T'ien Lung", however "t'ien lung" is a generic type of oriental dragon with a name meaning "celestial dragon". Ronin Challenge establishes that the empire that ruled from Tempat Larang (this was before Anok-Imaskar was given a name) came into conflict with Nung Chiang, who frequently manifests as a t'ien lung. The more specific name is therefore used here.
  2. Ronin Challenge, page 67, presents a story by Awagi Nukichi retelling the fall of Emperor Tan Chin (there called Joon Tsao Choo) at Kuo Meilan at the hands of a "spirit dragon" (suggested to be Nung Chiang), and appends a disaster striking Tempat Larang (presumably the volcano in the same book) a few years afterward. However, Grand History later retconned this, placing the destruction of Tempat Larang within the time of the newly invented Anok-Imaskar and putting Tan Chin's empire centuries later, with Tan Chin defeated by Chih Shih. Thus, in-universe, Awagi's story appears to be a mistaken conflation of the falls of both empires. It is also possible that there was another attempt by Tan Chin to establish a power base at Tempat Larang. Thus it is not clear what Ronin Challenge might say about Kujawa and Anok-Imaskar.


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