Kuldahar Pass was a vale between Easthaven and Kuldahar in the Spine of the World.[1]

The area of Kuldahar Pass that brushes the Spine of the World touches three places — Easthaven, Kuldahar Valley and the town of Kuldahar itself. Stick to this route as you travel through the region — straying from the road will fast bring danger to you, whether from the winter’s snows or the beasts that lurk in them.
  — Hrothgar, 1281 DR



On the outskirts of the pass was a small mill, which was often used as a base for marauding goblins.[1]


In 1281 DR,[3] a band of adventurers lead by Hrothgar were ambushed by frost giants in the pass on their way to Kuldahar.[1]




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