The Kun-Yen Shan was a mountain range located in the Hordelands.[1]


The Kun-Yen Shan formed the northern rim of the sprawling Yehimal mountains, stretching from the A-Ling Shan in the west all the way to the province of Tabot and Kao Shan in Shou Lung to the east.[3][4][2] It was classed as one of the "high peaks" ranges of the Hordelands.[5]


The Kun-Yen Shan towered over the southern portion of the Katakoro Plateau, ascending steeply from the low valley there. The range had jagged peaks rising 23,000 ft. (7000 m) into the sky. Small glaciers could be seen filling some of the gaps between the towering peaks of the Kun-Yen Shan. Green, densely forested valleys that were free of glaciers were isolated and hidden deep within the mountains.[1][6]


Though most of the mountain range was bereft of life, the lush valleys supported deer, monkeys, leopards, and tigers. Rugged humans were scattered throughout the Kun-Yen Shan as well, seeking remoteness from civilization.[1]

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