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Kurplarhagoon was the kuo-toa leader of the Blib-sanvu in Sloopdilmonpolop in 1370 DR.[1] and 1372[2]


Unfortunately, Kurplarhagoon had succumbed to the madness that affected most of the kuo-toa of Sloopdilmonpolop. His insanity manifested as a limited monomania, producing an obsessive fixation on certain individuals he believed were violent or insane.[1]


Kurplarhagoon was the leader of the elite Blib-sanvu, an elite order of celibate kuo-toa monitors. His duty was to control and eventually suppress all violent or insane kuo-toa in the city. His own insanity, however, caused the Blib-sanvu to sometimes spend months hunting individuals who were possibly no longer even in the city, while ignoring dangerously insane kuo-toa currently in the city.[1]



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