Archdruid Kurush yn Arib el Nayet was the son of a Calishite naval captain who became a follower of Silvanus and founded the Golden Grove in Memnon with Silvanus' miraculous blessing.[1]


Kurush was the son of Rysal Arib el Nayet, but not wanting to follow in his father's footsteps as a man of the sea, he fled as a youth to the north and became an adventurer. During his adventuring days, he even explored the infamous ruins of Myth Drannor. Falling in love with the lush, green trees of the north, so different from those of his native Calimshan, he became a follower of the nature god Silvanus, a god who was then nearly unheard of in that southern land.[1]

Desiring to share his new patron with his countrymen, he returned to his home in Memnon, to his grandfather's estate. When he entered the garden of that villa, a miracle awaited him; when he touched the golden sculptures of trees there, they became living trees. Kurush dedicated the garden to Silvanus and named it the Golden Grove.[1]


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