Kwachow, known as the City of Melons, was the largest settlement of the Merket Depression in the Hordelands.[1]


The settlement of Kwachow sat where several streams met in the otherwise dry Quoya Desert, and was famous for the large, sweet melons grown there.[2] Most the melons grown in the town were sent to Shou Lung, where they were highly prized among chefs for their flavor, and were even served at the Emperor's banquets.[1]

Despite its fame, the town was a dull place, and the winds of the Quoya Desert made the town dusty.[1]

There was little rainfall for most of the year, most of it coming from the spring storms that caused the streams to flood. Water was diverted into cisterns for use throughout the year, and was carefully rationed between the people and the fields. When water was short, the fields were given higher priority over the people of the town.[1]

Although located outside the Shou Lung empire's boundaries, the town was governed by a Shou Lung magistrate, his bailiffs, and a small garrison of 100 soldiers, who ruled the city from a large blockhouse located in the middle of the city.[1]

The uncaring magistrate, and bullying from the soldiers, caused some resentment regarding the Shou Lung presence in the town among the people. However, they considered the Shou the lesser evil compared to bandits.[1]

Nevertheless, due to its isolated location, and what little the town had to offer, bandit attacks were rare.[1]


The town had a population of 3,000 around 1359 DR, and was ruled by a magistrate named Wan-yen Ch'eng-shih, who cared little about his subjects, and taxed them harshly, in order to pay for luxury items from Shou Lung.[1]



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