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Negus (Prince) Kwalu was the son of King Osaw I and a member of the barae, the seven "super-paladins" sworn to protect the holy city of Mezro in Chult[1] before its destruction during the Spellplague.


Kwalu was a handsome man. He had square features and deep eyes. He often dressed in a tobe of purple that had green triangles around his heart.[1]

In the 1360s DR, Kwalu was over 100 years old, yet, like all barae, he was immortal.[1]


Kwalu had a very intense personality and took very seriously his role of protector of Mezro. He admired true bravery.[1]


Like all barae, Kwalu had been granted special powers from Ubtao, which included the following:[1]

  • He could utter magical commands that would compel the hearer to obedience.
  • He regenerated health rapidly.
  • He could detect evil at will.
  • He had improved reflexes and physical and mental resistances.

If within the Temple of Ubtao, he could also cast the following spells:[1]

In addition, Kwalu possessed the terrifying power to control vast swarms of locusts. Provided he had a single locust to begin with, he could summon a cloud of the insects more than 200 yards (180 meters) in width that would consume anything in their path.[1]


Kwalu never went anywhere without being armed. His weapon of choice was usually his kerrie, or war club. It was pitted from having cracked so many Batiri skulls.[1]


The youngest of the barae, the young girl named Fipya, looked up to Kwalu as if he were her older brother.[1]




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