Kwan Chan Sen was the Minister of War of Shou Lung.[1]


Kwan Chan Sen served as the head of Shou Lung's military, being the second most powerful man of the Empire. Despite his age, Kwan Chan still personally led his men in battle. He gained numerous victories against T'u Lung, earning him the title of reincarnation of Wo Mei. He had power also over the Minister of the Sea. In time he promoted Goyat Nagumo numerous times.[2]

In 1358 DR, when the Emperor asked to him to recommend a general to pacify Chu' Yuan province, Kwan Chan selected Goyat Nagumo.[2]

In 1359 DR Kwan Chan plotted with the Minister of State, Ju-Hai Chou, to have Yamun Khahan killed. Kwan Chan provided the hu-hsian assassin for the task. The plot failed and Yamun decided to invade Shou Lung.[3]

Kwan Chan led the first Shou army in battle against the Grand Army of the Tuigan, but was defeated at Tsen-Ching, a tributary of the Sheng-Ti river. After the Emperor replaced him with the general Batu Min Ho, of Tuigan ancestry, Kwan Chan tried to sabotage Batu. He also used his secret connections with Ju-Hai Chou, but was unsuccessful.[3]

Yamun eventuallly offered peace in exchange for the delivery of Kwan Chan Sen and Ju-Hai Chou. Kai Tsao Shou Chin agreed to the terms. Kwan Chan was dismembered by the Tuigan hangman but he no died.[3]

At last in agony for too much pain Kwan said that he wanted die for good and explained that he can die only after they took away from him his liver. The hangman did it and he finally died.[3]


Kwan Chan's life was protected by a magic centered in his liver that prevented him from dying.[3]




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