The Ky Trencha Ukang was a magical staff of eldritch power from Koryo in Kara-Tur, separated into five enchanted scroll cases.


The Ky Trencha Ukang was fashioned by the great wu jen Kixa To'u several centuries before 1357 DR. But he came to fear what he had wrought and split the staff apart, transforming it into five magical scroll reels.

Four of these scroll cases became lost over time. For over five centuries, only one was known to still be in existence. This was in the possession of the wu jen Yuraka of Singye in 1357 DR.


Separated, the staff appeared as five scroll reels, each in enameled scroll cases.


The staffEdit

The Ky Trencha Ukang had a variety of arcane powers. It could cast bind and disguise at will; fire enchantment, polymorph other, and wall of fire each three times a day; wall of iron twice a day; and major creation only once a day. It could also cast aura once a week and power word: stun once a month.

However, its main power was to cast call without the usual restrictions. One who wielded the staff only needed to know the proper name of the person or spirit they called, and did not need to have actually seen them beforehand.

The Ky Trencha Ukang had the odd side-effects of causing arthritis and insomnia. The staff was also intelligent, and evil in nature.

The scroll casesEdit

The scroll cases had the power to rewrite any spent and blank magic parchment stored inside, in effect recreating magical scrolls. Furthermore, the cases were unbreakable.


According to legend, if all five scroll cases were brought back together, the Ky Trencha Ukang would reform.[1][2]


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