Kyone Veldrin, meaning "alert in the shadows", was a fighting style taught among drow, that was about drawing maximum advantage out of their ability to cast darkness.[1]


As the name "alert in the shadows" suggested, the fighting style was keeping one's senses in shadows, in this case a drow's natural ability to cast darkness. It was special because it wasn't about the usage of specific moves or weapons.[1]

Drow in general used their darkness ability for deception and battlefield control purposes during combat. A user of this style fought within the darkness while remaining more alert and aware about the surrounding than an enemy, thus limiting the own disadvantages to fight in the darkness while mitigating the advantages of the enemy in a fight in the sightless field.[1]

User of this style often cooperated with users of the luth alur style forming entire teams. The kyone veldrin users fought in the darkness and the luth alur users shot those who left down.[1]


As the name suggested, would-be users needed to be more alert to pinpoint the location of enemies while being blind.[1]

Furthermore, drow were as blind in their own darkness as their enemies. Part of the training was it thus to learn how to fight while being blind.[1]



The style was based on the Blind-Fight and Alertness feat in 3.0-edition Dungeons & Dragons.


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