Kyorlin plynn, meaning "watch and take", was a fighting style taught among drow. It was used to defeat enemies without killing them.[1]


As the name "watch and take" suggested, the fighting style was about fighting defensively and then disarming the enemy. The purpose of this style was to fight defensively but efficiently to buy time and reduce the fighting power of the enemy. This was done with the goal of capturing the enemy alive; for example, for interrogation.[1]

Users were employed in practically in every drow combat group. Their role was to fight the strongest enemy and to keep that one busy through disarming, all to buy time for the others to defeat all other enemies and then join forces in defeating the strongest enemy.[1]


Users of this style often learned the jivvin golhyrr style, another style that focused on defeating an enemy but not necessarily killing them.[1]


The style was learned by two kinds of drow—conservative fighters and clerics of Lolth—but their motivations for learning it were different from the ground up. The former learned it because it was necessary from time to time to not kill an enemy; for example, for interrogation purposes. The priestesses learned it in order to gain living torture subjects for sacrifice.[1]



This style is based on the Combat Reflexes, Expertise, and Improved Disarm feats of 3rd-edition Dungeons & Dragons.


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