Her Excellency, Lady Kyrin Hawkwinter was the Countess of Calimmon in Tethyr and Horselady of Her Majesty's Cavalry. She was known as a superb rider, horse breeder, and military strategist, with a strong will.[2]


While Tethyrian by descent, Kyrin was not of noble Tethyrian blood and in fact was born and raised outside of Tethyr in the city of Waterdeep. She was a member of that cities' Hawkwinter Clan, being its sixth child and second daughter.[2]

In 1360 DR, Kyrin met the future queen of Tethyr, Zaranda Star, and fought with her against the Tuigan Horde.[3]

In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, when Prince Haedrak III entered Waterdeep and was announced as Tethyr's rightful heir, Kyrin was one of those who joined his army and took control of its cavalry, many of whom were provided by Lord Zelphar Thann.[4]

After the Reclamation Wars, Queen Zaranda granted her and her descendants the county of Calimmon.[2]

As Horselady, the commander of Tethyr's cavalry, Kyrin served under Lady Vajra Valmeyjar, the Royal Warlady of Tethyr.[5]


Kyrin's home was el Daraqadim, which she preferred to call "the Cliff". She expanded the old Calishite manor with the addition of large stables and stronger outer defenses, which were designed by Count Zelphar Thann, her friend.[2]


Kyrin was the daughter of Eremoes and Kyrin Hawkwinter. Her oldest brother, Genos, was the heir of the Hawkwinter family.[1] She was the twin sister of Jornos Hawkwinter. Her nephew and Jornos' son was Geiron Hawkwinter, and the young lad sneaked away with her when she left Waterdeep for Tethyr to fight in the war, against his mother's desires.[2]

Kyrin was engaged to marry the paladin Garron Ersemm in 1371 DR, but her farsann, Rontal Qirattar, secretly planned to dispose of Garron before the wedding. Garron had also traveled with her from Waterdeep to Tethyr.[2]

Due to some tactless remarks by Kyrin, a rumor had started among the troops that she cared more about horses than soldiers, leading to a rivalry between her troops and those of the Marchlord, Count Rikos Dughol.[5]




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