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Labelas Enoreth, or the Lord of the Continuum, was the chaotic good elven deity who governed the orderly passage of time and guarded against those who would alter the path of history. Together with Sehanine Moonbow, he oversaw the long life span of the elves and their lives after they had left the mortal realms. His symbol was the setting sun.[3]

He was a philosopher, a patient teacher, and an instructor who gave wisdom and knowledge to young and old alike.[3]


He was often praised but rarely invoked. Those who worshiped him were those with an interest in ideas and knowledge, and the changes wrought by the passage of time: sages, historians, philosophers, and librarians.[3]


Labelas's priests were responsible for educating the young and promoting and acquiring knowledge. They were also record keepers and historians. They met in groves at sunset to pray, meditate, and mark the passing of another day by sharing prayers and knowledge. His clerics typically dress in light gray robes.[3]


Labelas had good relations with the rest of the Seldarine, though he could get impatient with Erevan Ilesere's tricks. He was closely allied with Mystra, both in her previous aspect as Mystryl the human god of time and in her current aspect as the Lady of Mysteries. He was opposed to the gods of entropy and decay and Clangeddin Silverbeard the dwarven god of battle had a long-standing grudge against him.[3]


During the Time of Troubles, Labelas Enoreth possessed the body of one of his clerics, Vartan Hai Sylvar. Driven mad by his banishment from his home plane of Arvandor, he committed a number of heinous deeds that caused Vartan to begin questioning his faith towards his god and creating a large deal of hostility from his party towards the deity. After the Time of Troubles came to end, however, a contrite Labelas made attempts to make amends with Vartan and his party. Due to Labelas' show of remorse, Vartan accepted him as his god again, becoming the Chosen of Labelas.[11]



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