Laduguer, also known as The Exile, the Gray Protector and Master of Crafts was the lawful evil dwarven deity of the duergar. Ever since he was cast out from the rest of the Mordinsamman, Laduguer has harboured a bitter resentment, viewing the rest of the pantheon as layabouts more concerned with outdated tradition than with progress.[1]

However, his doctrine taught obedience to one's leader, empowerment through the exploitation of slaves, enrichment through the creation of magical weapons and protection through an unforgiving military program. He was xenophobic, urging his followers to avoid contact with other races save for limited trade and slave raids.[1]


The duergar did not differentiate between secular and religious authority, so Laduguer's clergy served as the nominal rulers of society. They were known as the thuldor ("those who endure") and they kept the race united and powerful against the other races of the Underdark. They were expected to serve in the military.[1]

Many temples included large stables used to care for and breed steeders: large, monstrous riding spiders.[1]


Laduguer was at best tolerated by Dugmaren and Sharindlar — the rest of the pantheon held him in deep scorn.[1]

Deep Duerra, thought to be his daughter, was his only true ally - even she hatched many schemes against him. His race's dominance over the trade of steeders gained him the enmity of Lolth and he had ancient disputes with the demon prince Orcus.[1]


Laduguer had been exiled from the Morndinsamman. The gold and shield dwarves claimed he committed unspeakable crimes and was only saved from Moradin's wrath by Berronar Truesilver. The grey dwarves, however, said he was an advocate of righteous, innovative philosophy that offended Moradin so much that he cast him out.[1]

In 1383 DR, Laduguer and Deep Duerra were both destroyed[2] and their home plane of Hammergrim dispersed into the Astral Plane[2]. Most Worshipers of Laduguer did not realize this, however, as Asmodeus took up the guise of Laduguer in an effort to gain more followers. Duergar began making pacts with devils as a result, securing infernal power for themselves.[5]

Following the Second Sundering, Laduguer was once again present and revered by the duergar, although the circumstances of his return were unknown.[3]



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