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Laele Dhuurniv was a female drow and the Matron mother of House Dhuurniv of Maerimydra.[1]


Prior to the Weeping War, matron mother Laele Dhuurniv led the Maerimyran forces who wished to reclaim the Land Under Shadow.[1]

Weeping WarEdit

In 712 DR, she accepted the Spider's Truce which Aolis Ildacer offered the drow.[2] However after battling alongside the elves in numerous battles against the Army of Darkness, Laele was eventually killed in 713 DR by Aolis's wife, Amara Ildacar, thereby ending the truce.[3] After her death, her three daughters, Aunrae, Greyanna and Xullrae, took over leadership of House Dhuurniv.[1]



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