Laele Dhuurniv was a female drow and the Matron mother of House Dhuurniv of Maerimydra.[1]


Prior to the Weeping War, matron mother Laele Dhuurniv led the Maerimyran forces who wished to reclaim the Land Under Shadow.[1]

Weeping WarEdit

In 712 DR, she accepted the Spider's Truce which Aolis Ildacer offered the drow.[2] However after battling alongside the elves in numerous battles against the Army of Darkness, Laele treacherously killed Aolis but was eventually killed in 713 DR by Aolis's wife, Amara Ildacer, thereby ending the truce.[3] After her death, her three daughters, Aunrae, Greyanna and Xullrae, took over leadership of House Dhuurniv.[1]



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