Lake Weng (originally called the Lake of Amin[2]) was a lake in the Cloud Peaks region of Amn.[1]


Lake Weng was a freshwater lake formed by a rocky ridge of the Cloud Peaks stretching from near the city of Crimmor to the city of Amnwater. It was fed by the rivers Amnurflow and Wengwater and emptied by Alandor River.[1]

The lake was surrounded by four tiny villages, Minsor Vale, Ideepton, Edive, and Shatar, which were all once cities of the theocracy of Minsorran. By 1370 DR, the people living among the ruins survived by fishing in the lake and growing root crops.[1]


In 300 DR, a series of conclaves from the churches of Lathander, Mystra, Selûne, and Shar were formed along the shores of the lake and became the theocracy of Minsorran.[3]

In 347 DR,[4], the emperor Shoon VII gave governorship of the region around the lake to Thealnak of Memnon as a reward for creating the Codex Thealnakkar.[2]

The four settlements around the lake were destroyed in 600 DR, when a blizzard buried them in snow for months and all the citizens were eaten by a white dragon.[3]


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