Lalaskra of Ormpetarr, also known as "Leatherskin", was a priestess of Loviatar from Ormpetarr in Sespech, living in the 12th century DR.[1]


Soon after Bredisker stole the Tome of Torment in the Year of the Majesty, 1177 DR, he sold the holiest book of the faith of Ilmater to Lalaskra, an enemy of the church. She wore the tome's hairshirt form constantly.

Finally, with Lalaskra having removed it during a ritual in the Year of the Crimson Crag, 1211 DR, the Tome was stolen by an unknown thief, who also managed to make off with the tome's covers, stored in a backroom in Lalaskra's quarters in a nearby temple. Incensed, Lalaskra whipped her Loviatan minions into a frantic search for the Tome all across the southern Vilhon Reach lands, though without success.

After some ten years, Lalaskra was the center of a feud between two lovelorn wizards. They battled for her hand in marriage, but Lalaskra was killed in the cross-fire. Lalaskra's followers soon abandoned the search for the Tome.[1]


Lalaskra wore the Tome of Torment's barbed hairshirt form at all times in order to receive the spells it granted. She was willing to suffer the injuries it inflicted, and earned the nickname "Leatherskin" for her troubles. She removed it only during Loviatan rituals, in which she walked slowly past her followers as they scourged her as hard as they could.[1]


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