Lalondra Worul reigned for decades as Shar's high priestess.[1]


Lalondra was a young Sharran when she began receiving visions in her dreams from her goddess of the location of a sacred relic, Gorothir's Girdle. Circa 617 DR, Lalondra took the Girdle from its former owner, whom Shar had turned into a tortured undead thing. With the power and authority that the Girdle provided, Lalondra created the True Servants of Shar, whose members, all capable devotees of Shar, came to rule her clergy all along the Sword Coast for the next eighty years.[1]

Lalondra had used powerful magic to bind the True Servants lives to her own and when she successfully pursued lichdom in 697 DR, that magic snuffed out their life forces, effectively leaving their followers leaderless. Riots ensued in twelve cities[1] as the directionless minions of the church saw their power disappear in a short space of time. The authorities in those cities violently quelled the rioting but not before King Davyd of Delimbiyran was killed.[2]

Selfishly, Lalondra ventured into the Underdark but Shar, furious with her formerly favored servant, stripped Lalondra of all of her power,[1] which left her a much easier target when she was attacked by an alliance of drow from Eryndlyn and illithiliches, who absconded with the Girdle once Lalondra had been destroyed.[3]



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