Prince Lamorak Tanthul was appointed by his father to oversee the Determinists' Guild in 1362 DR. It was Lamorak and his fellow Determinists who administered the tests to each shadovar in order to determine how they may have best served the City of Shade.[1]

Lamorak was also in charge of the closely guarded process of selecting and transforming deserving shadovars into shades.[1]

Political ViewEdit

The prince's opinions on the city's politics did not sway particularly in one direction or another, however, he did think that it might be more wise for his father to manipulate, rather than fight with, the city's enemies.[1]


Prince Lamorak's personal sigil was a white skull outlined in black on a light gray field.[1]


Lamorak had two sons, Draethren Tanthul, the younger son, was the most skilled sorcerer of the city, and his elder brother, Tantoras Tanthul. Tantoras died in a supposed accident, but in truth he had been killed by the High Prince for his treasonous plots against Telamont.[2]


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