Lana was monk, serving as a scribe at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose in 1491 DR.


Lana was an honest and stubborn but somewhat shy woman, preferring to observe others. However, once she became engaged in a conversation, especially about themes for which she felt strongly, she tended to ramble on and talk too much.[1]


Lana worked as a scribe in the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. In 1491, she casually discovered that a secret cult had infiltrated the monastery and caused a strange storm that plagued the area. She was then attacked by these cultists and left for dead. She survived, however, and went to Mulmaster to ask for help.[2] There in the city, her information convinced the Order of the Gauntlet, the Lords' Alliance, and Zor Garwyl Gos to hire an adventuring party to investigate. When she met the adventurers, she explained to them all she knew.[1]




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