Lanador was a slaver in Skullport in the mid-to-late 14th century DR.[1]


Lanador managed a slaving ring composed by many minotaurs in Skullport. He often used small mercenary companies like the Unyielding Sword to obtain slaves for interested buyers.[1]


Lanador originally was a captain in the City Watch of Waterdeep. However, in 1369 DR, it was discovered that he was using his position to help the Shadow Thieves to regain a foothold in the city. Quickly the Lords of Waterdeep had him captured and imprisoned. In prison, Lanador betrayed the Shadow Thieves by aiding the capture of many of their number in Waterdeep.[1]

In 1372 DR, he exited the prison and went into hiding, pursued by Shadow Thieves assassins. He relocated to a fortified lair in Skullport, resorting to slaving for profit.[1]

In 1379 DR, Lanador was hired by the drow Tezzarq to procure ten elf slaves. He hired the Unyielding Sword to kidnap them from Waterdeep's streets. Unfortunately, one of them was, unknown to them, an Agent of the Eye. So the Xanathar supported an adventuring party hired by the City Watch to enter Lanador's lair. Lanador was found in the central room of the lair in the fighting he was defeated.[1]


Lanador lived in paranoia of the Shadow Thieves assassins. He never willingly did anything to draw the anger of the Xanathar. He had few diplomatic skills, always blaming others for his failures.[1]


Lanador maintained a profitable partnership with Eldreth Zanderraum, the undead leader of the Unyielding Sword. His right-hand was the minotaur magus Grody.[1]


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