The Land Under Eternal Ice was the goddess Auril's domain within the Deep Wilds. It was an eternally frozen land, possibly even the coldest place on any plane. Auril dwelt in the Winter Hall, which floated slowly above the landscape.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

Frosthorn Peaks
This mountain range rose from the Harrowfrost Plains.
Harrowfrost Plains
A tundra of frozen lakes
Icewall Mountains
Located north of the Shiverpine Forest, the mountains soared as high as 25,000 feet.
Icewail Shallows
Huge icebergs drifted through this area of the Blood Sea.
Shiverpine Forest
Auril's influence was less here than in other areas of the Land Under Eternal Ice. Many woodland creatures dwelt in this forest.
Winter Hall
This fortress constructed of ice appeared to have been carved from an iceberg and was Auril's abode. The fortress held 20,000 damned spirits and servants. When Auril was angrier than usual, huge storms formed over the castle and brought blizzards to the land below.


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