Lander was a Harper ranger.[1]


Lander was a practical man with a strong focus on his mission. He was truly devoted to the Harpers' cause and suffered for excessive formalism. As a ranger, his favorite place was forests. He thought that deserts were only an empty place. He was a devoted follower of Mielikki.[1]


Lander was born in Sembia to a merchant father. His mother was a covert Zhentarim spy. Nobody knew Lander's mother's true allegiance until his teenage days when his father became suspicious after his mother insisted on going with them to a merchant meeting in Archendale. His father discovered the truth and warned Archendale about the Zhentish plot. His mother managed to find Lander and offered him a place among the Zhents, but in response he killed her Zhent companions, but not her. So his mother arranged the death of Lander's father.

Later, a Harper approached Lander, informing him that his mother had died. Lander decided to join the Harpers and stop the Zhents at any opportunity. In 1360 DR, Florin Falconhand sent him to Anauroch to warn the Bedine of an imminent attack from the Zhents and Asabi. During this adventure, he met and fell in love with the witch Ruha. However, just before the final battle that destroyed the Zhent army, a Bedine assassin killed Lander.[1]




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