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Lanseril Snowmantle was a druid and a member of the Knights of Myth Drannor.[1]


Lanseril was six feet, two inches tall.[1] He had dark hair, delicate features and blue eyes.[1] He wore simple robes.[2]


He was generally friendly, but could sometimes come across as condescending.[1] He was known to have a somewhat bad aim and had sometimes hit friendly folks with magical lightning.[2] Lanseril bitterly hated wolves.[3]


He was born in the tiny village of Snowmantle. His father was Raunaeril, one of the "lost" elves of the Border Forest. Lanseril's father and mother were killed when he was six years old by raiders from the Citadel of the Raven.[3]

He was taken in and taught the ways of druids by Haemfaest Sarthun. A year later, Haemfaest was killed by wolves and Lanseril fled south to Deepingdale.[3]

There, Lanseril found work as a runner, errand boy, and animal keeper for the local merchant Braun. Lanseril served Braun for twelve years, until the ranger Briadorn brought him to Shadowdale.[3]


Lanseril could take the form of an eagle.[4]


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