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Lantern archons were celestial beings that appeared as floating balls of light glowing about as brightly as a torch. Only their destruction could extinguish the glow, though they could try to hide it.

Lantern archons were friendly beings who were curious about mortals and the mortal world. Most lantern archons never left the heavenly realm from which they originated, always serving as custodians and guides for mortal souls that had passed into the heavens. A few found their way to the mortal world, either by being summoned forth or through a random planar gate.

Despite their "lowly" status, lantern archons were content with their existence. They loved to help those in need and worked well with others. The bravery of these creatures often led them to be promoted into other forms of archons.


A lantern archon could not only hover but was fully capable of flight and could teleport as well.


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