Lanther Maerown, also known as "Smokethroat" for his raspy voice, was the stablemaster of the Sign of the Shield inn located in Voonlar circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1][2]


Lanther had thinning gray hair and a gray mustache. His body was short and stout with many raised white scars crisscrossing his sun-darkened, hairy forearms.[1][2]


Smokethroat did not suffer fools gladly and had no compunction about taking posturing bullies down a notch.[1][2]


Large beasts of burden and horses were his specialty. He was a good judge of quality animals and was able to care for them when they were sick.[1][2]


Smoakthroat was in charge of nine other stable hands. They cared for guests' oxen and horses, put them away at night, stored carts and wagons in the sheds, and harnessed them up again the next morning, for example.[1][2]


Lanther was well known by most people who traveled up and down the Shind Road from Voonlar to Yûlash as having a good eye for horses and beasts of burden and being able to nurse them back to health when they were sick.[1][2]


Smokethroat was a retired mercenary who once sold his services across the Vilhon Reach, Sembia, and the Stonelands of Cormyr. He had no love for the Zhentarim and once gained a bit of notoriety when a Zhent officer drew his sword on Lanther during a disagreement, thinking he could intimidate the redoubtable ostler, only to find himself tossed, armor and all, into the mud outside the stables in front of the officer's unit (which they found quite amusing).[1][2]



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