Lao Chin-Mao was the most influential scholar in all Shou history.[1]


Born in 531 Shou Years (−719 DR), Lao spent all his life studying how to improve the behavior and morals of his fellow Shou. He wrote the Book of Heaven, a guide to a moral life.

In his old age, Lao become Court Advisor to the Eleventh Emperor Chin of the Ho Dynasty, using his influence to shape the growing bureaucracy in a new social class devoted to his principles. This led to the creation of the Mandarinate, a upper class of scholars and gentlemen who were the intellectual elite of Shou Lung.


Lao was known to always dress in old-fashioned robes and a conical hat.[1]



Lao Chin-Mao appears to be based on the Chinese philosopher known as Confucius.


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