Lapaliiya (also known as the Lapal League) consisted of the land between the Delphin Mountains and the Sheir Peninsula, bounded by the Mhair Jungles, the North Wall of Halruaa, the Bandit Wastes and the Dun Hills.[1]

The Cities of the Seabreeze were sometimes misunderstood to describe Lapaliiya, but this phrase also included other cities, such as Narubel, Tashluta, Ormpur, and Procalith.[1]

The city of Sheirtalar hosted a Shou Town (source)

Lapaliiya in 1478: The confederacy of Lapaliiya crumbled during the Spellplague due to spellfire spreading through a newly formed gap in Halruaa's north wall. The remnants were occupied by wild elf tribes and the region was known as Elfharrow. The city of Ormpur survived.[citation needed]





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